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Nego Gato in costume
Nego Gato - Afro Brazilian Dance ensemble

The Nego Gato Afro-Brazilian Music and Dance Ensemble bring to their audiences the rich African influenced rhythms and dances originating in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, a region known for custom deeply rooted in the traditions and spirituality of ancestral Africa.

The ensemble is directed by Jose Sena, known professionally as Nego Gato, to share his experience of growing up on the streets of Salvador immersed in the magical sounds of the Street Musicians, Carnaval, and Camdomble ceremonies. Their repertoire includes works from Afro-Brazilian Folkloric Dances such as Samba, Maculele, and the Dances of the forces of Nature, known as Orixa in Brazil. It features a performance of Capoeira, an African Brazilian martial art that combines dance, gymnastics and acrobatics.

All are accompanied by live percussion and traditional instruments making for an exciting and engaging performance. Join us for an experience of African Brazilian culture through our promotion of cross-cultural understanding, see something global in an authentic way, and interact with our International members, no passport required. Experience the magic of Salvador !

Jose Sena known professionally as Nego Gato is a Master Capoeirista, Composer, Choreographer, Percussionist, Vocalist and Dancer. He is the founder, Artistic and Executive Director of Nego Gato Inc a Pittsburgh based organization with affiliates in New York and Naples Florida. He serves as a consultant and Master Folklorist of African Brazilian Heritage to Lisangua Ya Bato Drum and Dance and the Oliveros Foundation for their production on Nzinga, the Queen King.

Nego Gato in costume

He has been performing professionally since the age of 10 and since coming to the United States he has presented performances and residencies in primary and secondary schools and cultural institutions throughout the US , Europe and Japan.

He formed the Nego Gato Afro Brazilian Music and Dance Ensemble to share with audiences the rich history of this diverse culture. "I was born into a spiritual house of African Brazilian traditions. In Brazil this spirituality is know as Candomble and has its roots in Congo-Angola, Benin, Togo and Nigeria. My mother danced for the spirits. When I was in my mother’s womb, I floated around to these rhythms. As a child I witnessed nightly ceremonies whose memories became the driving force of the direction of my life. I am deeply proud of what I have accomplished through my dedication and expertise in my artistry and culture. I can only hope that my work in every community pays respect to my ancestors and my heritage".

Jose Sena

Jose Sena Master Capoeirista