Nego Gato - Afro Brazilian Dance ensemble
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FROM AFRICA TO BRAZIL ASSEMBLY PROGRAM is a smaller version of our theatrical performance that includes a blend of music, dance and historical narrative that traces the roots of the culture of Salvador, Brazil back to its African origins. This 45 minute performance presents beautiful costumes and the exciting explosive art of Capoeira, all with live percussion and invites student participation throughout the show




JOSE SENA, known professionally as Nego Gato, has been teaching Capoeira since his arrival in the United States in 1984.  Capoeira is a way of life. Gato is considered a Capoeira Master and has been practicing since he was 7 years old.  He firmly believes in the African, Angolan origin of this art and has done extensive research to substantiate this fact.
These workshops present an introduction to the music of the berimbau, philosophy, song, dance and martial art that is called Capoeira.
Nego Gato teaches classes in Capoeira Angola, berimbau, and percussion.  There are currently ongoing classes in Pittsburgh, PA . Nego Gato and members of the Ensemble are also available for workshops, master classes and residencies in this exciting art.

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                                     EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS

Central to the Mission of Nego Gato is to bring educational opportunities to community schools and organization through educational assembly programs, residencies and workshops. Since his arrival in the US in 1984 Nego Gato and the Ensemble have worked at primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and cultural institutions. Since 1989 they have been on and are currently on the roster of Young Audiences of New York, and have worked for City Lore of New York both of whom present multi cultural education programs throughout NYC Schools. They are also currently on the roster of Gateway to the Arts of Pittsburgh, PA. Nego Gato has extensive hands on experience working with Special needs children including a residency with 10,000 Blind and Special population children in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the summer of 2005. He has the ability to instill in them a sense of self esteem and confidence by encouraging their physical and musical development. By engaging students in the creative process and inspiring them to emulate artistic professionalism, Jose serves as a positive role model for children of varied economic and cultural backgrounds, providing them with a higher realm of possibilities.

AFRICAN BRAZILIAN PERCUSSION: Learn the rhythms of the various instruments that make up an escola de Samba and Bloco Afros during Carnaval: tambourine, pandiero, guica, timbale and surdo. Learn Samba, Samba Reggae , Samba Afro, Samba Redo, Ijexa. And the rhythms of Condomble. All of these workshops are energetic, exciting, engaging and most of all a lot of fun for the participants. All of these workshops can be experienced individually or in a longer term residency. 


Nego Gato Youth Residencies
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This includes various forms of Samba, Afoxe, Maculele, and dances of the Forces of Nature.